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A new platform for creatives in Huntington, West Virginia


Founded by Rachel Allinder and Nate Cesco, Foundry Theater is a live performance entertainment venture operating within the Huntington City Hall auditorium (The Jean Carlo Stephenson Auditorium). The company is focused on providing a new platform for the creative arts scene in Huntington, West Virginia and the greater Appalachian region. The area is renowned for its artistic tradition, and within recent years has become a hotspot for emerging musicians, visual artists, performers, comedians, and more. Foundry Theater seeks to give these creatives a new avenue to share their work with audiences in Huntington. 

We are working with creative partners and developing new relationships with exciting media producers in the area to craft a one of a kind programming lineup that features all the amazing talent based in the region. While the auditorium is available for rent, our primary focus is developing in house shows and content that meets the interest of the young, diverse, and engaged population of Huntington. We are seeking to turn the space into a factory of creativity where artists meet, collaborate, and develop together on a stage. 


Home of the Good Time Show, concerts with the Huntington Symphony Orchestra, incredible local artists, live podcasts, and more

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